Saturday, August 5, 2017

Relatives of Mine

At Ruth and Inga’s House in Norway

The mountain women had a rock removed
As tall as their house when it was built.
Across the fjord are more mountain ranges
As far into the blue as one can see
 Norway is blue.

Ruth and Inga have made the mountain bloom
With gardens on all sides.
Their hands work the rich brown soil
To grow vegetables and flowers
Though it’s hard to find a level spot.
Morning wet soaks our shoes
The sun scarcely clears the heavy dew by noon.

Go past the rain barrel with the crooked
stick from the eaves and into the hallway
With a fireplace and antique copper kettle—
Into the room with home made rugs,
Hand embroidered pillows and table cloths
A hand carved nativity.

Is there goodness anywhere?
Yes, I believe so.
I found it in the mountains

 --Barbara Spring

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