Sunday, August 19, 2018

Hunters' Moon

Hunters’ Moon

Clear sky: full moon
wearing her ivory wedding dress
she rises on the east
above black filigrees of trees--
her veils cover the night.

Moonlight glances through crystal on
my window sill
and her light strikes the glasses
of a hunter who drags a kill.

A small eclipse tonight --
 many elk spirits hang between
Earth and full moon.

Hunters sleep on the mountain
while elk herds browse all around.

 --Barbara Spring

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Summer Nights in Michigan

Moon flowers open
Cicadas and crickets sing
As a barred owl hoots in the dark--
Flies on silent wings
Hides in a white pine.

The moon shines bright tonight
Mars blinks red over the lake
And Venus shines her light
And Lake Michigan reflects it back.

Orion strides with his bright belt
as his hunting dog tags behind.
I delight in these sights and sounds
On August nights in Michigan.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Monday, August 6, 2018

The World's Song


We can’t hear the song
The world sings
As it spins—
Only birds hear it—
Crickets, frogs
And whales in the deep.
Mankind has fallen asleep.


Just before dawn
Song birds join together in a chorus
While night birds turn their heads
And dream of Eden.
We have forgotten Eden.
We are asleep.

High Noon

Bright green and black damsel flies fly over
Bright babbling streams—
Spotted brook trout fan their tails
in deep cold holes—
They know the song of Planet Earth—
As it turns each day, they
Knew it from the moment of birth.


On the salty reef certain fish harmonize—
Fish elegant in shapes colors patterns
In harmony with seasonal cycles.
I would like to return to the sea
To follow its ebb and flow
And know the Earth’s song
After the sun has set.

--Barbara Spring

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Fox Gloves

Fox Gloves

Go to the meadow in the morning
And see fox gloves dancing
 on a hot breezy day in August.

Fox gloves will
Cling to your memory it seems
 And live forever in your dreams
Of red foxes playing and
Their white fox gloves.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

A Lunar Event

A Lunar Event

Full moon moves over the horizon
Boom boom boom boom
The moon a big bass drum
My beating heart follows
In sync it prances dances

Over lilacs and lakes
                                                        White tail deer tip toe
In the moon beams
A fawn cries to its mother
Maa maa maa
And I dance with the lilacs
And the moon glazed deer
In my dreams.

The Monarchs' Wedding

The Monarchs’ Wedding

Flying through blue air two
monarch butterflies joined together
bright orange veined with black—
one winging above
the other folded
and  upside down below.

In wild  joy they taste each other
 with their feet: six above and six below
higher and still higher on velvety wings
silken bodies dotted with white
monarchs on their nuptial flight.

--Barbara Spring