Thursday, August 3, 2017

Another Poem of Mine

Dark Memories

Locusts buzz Missouri Missouri Missouri
In the trees above.
Their empty shells cling to thin bark
Like cast off suits of armor—
Hinged with sightless moon eyes.

All night crickets chirp like stars
And we lay on the grass—
Too hot to go to bed upstairs.

In the moonlight fat bodied moths
With huge wings:
luna clear as moonlight
 polyphemous, with owlish blue eyes,
cecropia mottled with gold
Sip from flowers that scent the humid air.
We hear blinking of lightening bugs
And the secret sound of earthworms
Tunneling mazes below our blankets.

And we listen to ears of corn growing
In the Victory garden.
Their silken threads gossip of
Mayans and Pottawatomis.
We can hear
The trumpet vine’s brassy blare
And fox hounds baying near Hinkson Creek
Far far away.

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