Friday, February 12, 2016

Harbor Island The lLow Country

Harbor Island South Carolina                          

On a low country barrier island
where sea tides sweep
         in each day on the sandy beach
through salt marshes
             where long billed willets
and snowy stilt legged egrets fly
where alligators and turtles bask in the mud
grow long and fat
no pity there.

The beach alive with mud snails
And worms that hide
Pelicans ride the wind
sandpipers skitter, sea biscuits wash in
yellow corals torn from sea bed
wave in the wind.
I wonder where they have been
these empty scallop shells, oyster shells
cockle shells, mussel shells—
bits of mystery to me.

The live oaks and long leaf pines
grow tall on what the sea blows in
Spanish moss trails from their limbs
thrive on salty sea winds.

                              --Barbara Spring

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