Thursday, February 26, 2015

Women Receive Divine Knowledge

Meditation on Women and Living Water

A Samaritan woman brings an empty container to fill.  It is not filled with water as she intended.  She is filled with living water because like her vessel, she is empty, receptive; an empty container ready to be filled with something new: gnosis, a certitude of eternal life.

It is noon.  Zenith.  Perfect timing.  The sun shines on the well water.  God infuses water with life.  Water is life.  Eve is life.  Women are life nurturing like water is life nurturing.  Women nurture children in their bodies and when the infants are born, women nurse them, feed them, keep them safe.  Women care for their families from beginning to end.

This is why the women were at Jesus’ grave in the emptied out sorrow.  They were empty vessels ready to receive living water.

In their way of living in the world, women are receivers of divine knowledge.  At certain key moments, Jesus chose them to reveal his glory.  Unlike the patriarchal culture, Jesus honors them for their innate qualities.

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