Thursday, May 2, 2013

Between Sweetwater and Sand

Between Sweet Water and Sand

Tongues of hummingbirds
sip sweet fushia nectar
Whirring dragonfly wings—dragonfly eyes—

Tails of white seagulls
Fan out in flight

Bumble bees buzz and fumble
Among deep white blossoms
Golden poppies pop
Open in sun light

White moonflowers open
In the night.

Waves roll and tumble in
Kites high above weave in sky looms.
Kids dip their little toes
In the lake—squeeze out squeals.
Catelpa trees
Dance green leaves white petals fall.

The catbird speaks in tongues
Pleased to be on top of the tallest tree
Our lives between the sweet water seas and sand
more delicious than we ever planned.

this poem is from my forthcoming book of poems: Between Sweetwater and Sand

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