Monday, July 3, 2017

Mississippi Delta Delta

Just returned from the Mississippi Delta where we saw barges, bridges, and we heard the blues, jazz and Cajun music.  We peered into the muddy water and saw whirl pools that could pull you down and drown you if you tried to swim. 
Many barges shipping products to many ports.

 Now we appreciate this mighty waterway by cruising it on a ship from New Orleans to Memphis Tennessee.  It was a great trip.  I'm glad we made the journey.  We visited a Civil War museum in New Orleans and we visited Vicksburg Battle ground with memorials to the fallen soldiers both North and South.  We learned how Grant won a decisive victory for the Union by calling a siege.  We saw iron clad battle ships with their canons that had been retrieved from the bottom of the Mississippi.

I had crayfish pie, shrimp, and seafood stew as well as many Southern specialties such as okra and spicy Cajun cooking.

Lobster stuffed with crab.

Canon on a ironclad battleship.

Our cruise ship, America

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