Thursday, May 4, 2017

A Man A Woman

He pays the bills
And balances the check book
I write poems and blog
He makes investments
I paint watercolors
that seldom sell.
Years ago we both taught.

All his life he hunted
        Wild turkeys, deer, antelope, mountain goat
Elk, moose, rabbit, partridge
We cook and eat game

He fishes trout, Chinook salmon, white fish,
We cook and eat fish
Sometimes he smokes the fish

Sometimes while he travels into the wild
I visit museums to see Michelangelo, Carravagio
And Mary Cassat

Sometimes we travel together
To distant lands: Mexico, Africa, Egypt, Israel
To find hidden treasures and
Something holy:
Exotic languages and peoples
Jungles, sea ports, mountains coral reefs
Where I photograph the fish
And he wants to spear them

I travel to Norway to meet my relatives
He travels to Germany where he meets his
and visits the Rhon and eats sausages.

I go to artist colonies where
I can meet comedians, musicians, painters, poets
Inspired I come home and write and paint
I love solitude as well as people.

He is a veteran and the gregarious one
He frequents the VFW, American Legion
the Eagles the Elks
And they drink beer trade war stories
And if he tells the guys it is our anniversary
They buy him a drink.

It’s an interesting life.
It’s a good life.
He’s a man: I’m a woman
What can we do?

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