Friday, April 14, 2017

Robert’s Rules For Writing Poems

Robert’s Rules For Writing Poems

Memories of Rhinelander

King Robert fills up the room
With windy sighs
With lover’s groans
Then setting pen to paper says:
This is good time.

And like obedient children in school
We try to write.
He writes we write—
Can we possibly be wrong?

We scrutinize the lake
Water lilies with umbilical stems
Descending into muck.
We enter into unspoken thought.

Our auras grow large
The room is all aglow
We brighten like a fire
When fanned by a breeze.

We see ripples on the lake
Hear lapping on the shore
A good time—a sweet time
To give and to take.

We read our small efforts aloud
Our words tremble through the air.
What will he say?
We had all come a long way
To hear what Robert will say.

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