Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sophia Found by Barbara Spring

She is in galaxies and billions of worlds.
Sophia is in photons and the darkness of caves
in stately waves and gentle winds, in living water
air streams and seeps, deep jungles
and grassy meadows.

Sophia infuses granite, gold, diamonds, emeralds,
rubies, carnelian and lapis lazuli
and all precious matter.
She penetrates sandstone, bogs and deserts
all places high and low; wastelands and cities.
She creates the tensile strength of spider webs
and gives intricate designs
to butterfly wings, spotted cats,
colorful snakes and frogs
and our finger prints.

She is on hilltops and at your crossroads.
She is under the oceans and permeates
mountain ranges and Earth’s core.
She is in the glaciers, mists and snows.
Sophia shows migrations the way
and is found in all seasons.

She is love that flows like milk
from mother to baby
the love between a man and a woman
the love toward people
of all colors and conditions.
Sophia is the Love that was present
from the beginning.

excerpted from Sophia's Lost and Found: Poems of Above and Below

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