Thursday, June 25, 2015

Between Sweetwater and Sand

Summer is here with sun, rain and lapping waves.  Yesterday I laid on the sand and listened to the waves on Lake Michigan rolling in.  I felt peaceful in the sun and wind.  Today rain is on the way to nourish our grasses, trees and flowers.  The butterflies appreciate the blossoms.  While sitting outdoors yesterday I wrote this poem:

                                      Butterfly Lovely

                            Butterfly lovely around my flowers
             Buckeyes, red admirals, black swallowtails
Fan their wings then fly away--

Dragonflies breeze by
Bumblebees honey bees
Buzz In yellow poppies.
                                                    --Barbara Spring
This poem is not in my book since I just wrote it. 
 To read poems in Between Sweetwater and Sand please go to
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