Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Earth Day is April 22 2015

Think globally, act locally.  This is the way to help our Mother the Earth.  Go to your local city council to persuade them to make good changes.  That is what I did and we got a new municipal wastewater treatment plant.  

Then after reading Rachel Carson's book, Silent Spring, Norm Spring went to the city council and pesuaded them to stop spraying elms in the park in front of our house with DDT.  It took three years of attending city council meetings and then the city of Grand Haven finally stopped the DDT program that was killing birds, and building up the food chains in the Great Lakes near where we live.  

We along with others formed the Michigan Pesticides Council and then DDT and like pesticides were banned in Michigan.  Then in the U.S.  Then in Canada.  He was recently honored for this work by the Michigan Environmental Hall of Fame.

Norm Spring was instrumental in getting  an air pollution ordinance passed and saving  sand dunes in their natural state across the Grand River in Ferrysburg, Michigan.  All these things were done through the democratic process and done with the idea that we must keep the environment viable for now and for our children and the generations to come.

Encouraged by thinking globally and acting locally, I wrote The Dynamic Great Lakes. The book shows how the eagles returned to the shores of the Great Lakes after nearly being wiped out by DDT.  It shows that some bad government policies can be reversed with will and determination by ordinary people like us.

Think of what you could do by thinking globally and acting locally.

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