Monday, March 16, 2015

White Ibis, least sand piper, reddish egret

  White ibis.  We saw many beautiful birds on Mustang Island, TX.   Ibis stalk the shallows then when they see a morsel, they capture it in their long bill.

Here is the least sand piper and its reflection in the watery sand.  Flocks of sand pipers poke their bills into the sand and come up with tidbits.  They also hover over the surf and when they spot a likely morsel, they dive for it.  When they run along the beach it looks as though their feet hardly touch the sand.

I loved watching the shore birds on the Gulf of Mexico on Mustang Island in Texas.

The reddish egret is found in Texas and is an endangered species.  This particular egret is in his mating feathers.  I saw him stalking fish at Charlie's Pasture, a nature preserve where birds and bird watchers may be found in abundance.

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