Thursday, January 23, 2014

ELHS Class Reunion

Picture from East Lansing High School 50th Class Reunion. We are sitting on the bleachers in what is now a Community Center but used to be our high school. I am sitting next to my friend Kitty (Drew)Frallic at the end of the row top photo. I am wearing a pink jacket. I wrote this poem for our upcoming class reunion this coming Spring: The Class of '54 If only the class of ‘54 Knew what was in store— Like lambs to the slaughters We had sons and daughters Moved east and west Some deemed Michigan best. So then we became—oh no— Grandparents and some Great grandparents too. If we only had a clue Yet our charisma got us through. And whenever life got rough We showed the stuff We are made of: our hearts are true blue We have made it through.

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