Wednesday, November 6, 2013

In The Wooded Dunes

In the woods it's easy to see the cycles of life:, fallen trees, new life springing from beech nuts, acorns, maple keys, mature trees such as the beech tree painted here with its deep roots that mirror the upper branches.  I have been watching the growth and the fall of trees in these woods for many years.  The climax forest on sandy dunes could be a metaphor for life.

This year many white mushrooms ringed the trees.  They had been hiding underground for years, just waiting for the right conditions to burst into the open.  Fungi are an important part of the woods' ecosystem along with ferns and wildflowers.  I have not seen wildflowers in these particular woods for many years though. We have many hungry whitetail deer in the area.  That may be the reason.

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