Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Roll on Columbia Roll on

We cruised up the Columbia and Snake Rivers on a National geographic/Lindblad cruise ship Sea Lion.  

We were in good company: our historian, James Rawls has written many books about Western History and the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Ancient volcanoes spewed out the lava that forms much of the Columbia and Snake River gorges.

We passed through many locks and by dams and we even sang the Woodie Guthrie song "Roll on Columbia" the song commissioned by FDR as propaganda when building the dams was opposed.  The salmon fisheries have not been so abundant since all of the development, but we did see some salmon caught before we starting going through the dams.

The song is available on youtube.

Pacific salmon have been planted in the Great Lakes and I saw some being caught today in Michigan.  It was an idea that worked.  More information about that in my book, The Dynamic Great Lakes.  The books is available on Amazon's Kindle,and in paperback at many venues.

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