Wednesday, August 28, 2013

In the Baja

In the Baja

 Near shore I am
eye to eye with the leafy sea dragon
in an obsidian sea.

Out in the deep
marlin rise to bask
in a cradle of waves—
rare periwinkle marlin.

Transparent newborns—lobsters and crab
wobble off to hide in the reefs.
Labyrinthine sea reefs
spikes, claws, scales in malachite seas—
multicolored seas with nimble silver fish
that elude tang, barracuda and sharks.

Leviathons play in salt, spray
fountains then sound
in the deep majesty.
Their sonorous songs
and bird like beeps enter bones of
sailors asleep.

Making a Poem It takes a great deal of inner work to make a poem. It may start with a sudden understanding of a dream, of a color or symbol. It may take years to gain an insight that your unconscious already understands. Making a poem makes the insight conscious. What was in darkness it brought into the light so it can be seen. Barbara Spring

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