Thursday, May 30, 2013

Square Dancing to Ox-Bow

Ox-Bow is an art colony near Saugatuk, Michigan.  It is not easy to get there from here and so I wrote this poem.  It will be published soon in a chapbook of my poems Between Sweetwater and Sand.

Square Dancing to Ox-Bow

The car radio plays a fiddle tune—
I’m taking a road I would never choose

Allemande left with your left hand
Now do si do and circle right
Chicken in the pan picking up dough
Pass that car; don’t be slow.

Round about drive to old Ox-Bow
Speed bump here—speed bump there
Can’t get to Heaven in a rocking chair.
The shortest distance to there is a square.

Go up the hill if you dare
Must back up—one narrow lane so
Finally arrived at old Ox-Bow
that smells of paint and clay and poems.

We climb tall dunes—dark narrow path
Through climax forest—circle left.
I see a deer--doe see doe!

Will I ever reach the top?

Excerpted from Between Sweetwater and Sand

Available at and Barnes & Noble

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