Monday, February 18, 2013

A Journey to Mexico


Lisa and I made a beautiful journey to the Mexican Riviera where the Caribbean is incredible shades of turquoise and deep blue.  We visited Tulum the ancient walled Mayan city overlooking the sea and we swam in a cenote with stalactites and underwater stalagmites in many mysterious shapes.  We learned of the beautiful Mot Mot bird that led people to fresh water with its distinctive voice.  We visited a white sand beach and watched a young pelican fishing. He was not good at it yet.

The last day we took a snorkel tour where Lisa was thrilled to see an eagle ray for the first time. She looked at it and then it turned and looked at her.  When she was a child she peered into her fish tank.  Now that she is grown, she swam in a coral reef teeming with colorful fish and fan corals waving in the currents, huge brain corals and with barracuda smiling at her.

The days in Mexico were warm and sweet as honey.  We returned to a snow storm and Michigan weather.  Sigh.

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