Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dealing with the Raiders

“Each generation must deal anew with the raiders, with the
scramble to use public resources for private profit and with the
tendency to prefer short run profits to long run necessities.”
–John F. Kennedy

These words seem even more relevant today with the problems of global warming.  The ice that formed on the Great Lakes is now quickly melting away. There was a thunder storm last night and that is very unusual for January.  It is well known that global warming is caused by the pollutants thrown into the air.  There are other ways to produce energy: wind energy, solar energy and the like.

Our water is a public resource.  the air we breathe is a public resource.  Acid rain is damaging our health and our environment.  For the sake of our children, these problems need to be solved very soon.

Voting for the right government representatives is very important.

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