Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bison: Watercolors

I feel a wild sort of freedom when I paint.  I use watercolors and play like a child—I let the colors run and blend then if I I don’t like it, I take a garden hose to it and start the whole thing over.  I tried acrylics and oils but I love watercolors.  I love water.  Even my bison is standing near water.  I had put cat tails in but changed them to bear grass  I never saw a cattail out west.  There is a white flowered plant called bear grass though and millions of wildflowers.  

The bison of the west are really impressive.  I took some photos but did not go too close.  That would have been foolish.  So filled with impressions of the western landscape and bison, I painted.  I scanned this watercolor and since it was larger than my scanner screen, the bear grass and the water are cut off.  You can see the hills in the distance.

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