Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Mayan Poem

Ix Chel

The universe is hers.
She dances before the pyramids
mortared with magic
to the sound of rattles
flutes and drums.
In the forest a diamondback gives birth.
The Mayan throws aerials
spirit of hummingbird
and flower.
Women bring their exceptional gifts:
honeycombs and cloth woven with stories.
The air fills with feathered serpents.
Stars tremble in the cenote still
as she goes on dancing.

--Barbara Spring

From the Wilderness Within

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We circled the island of Cozumel and there was a ruined temple on the interior of the island.  It was the temple of the Mayan goddess Ix Chel.  When I returned home I wrote this poem.  Only after I wrote the poem did I learn about the temple and what it was for.

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