Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Black Madonna of Chartres

A Sphere of Years

I am a sphere of years
Rolling on space/time’s
warp and weft.
In Chartres Cathedral
Infant Jesus holds
A golden ball in the palm of his hand
On the black madonna’s lap.
From dark matter we come
And the divine child is born within
And every year is born again.

If you go to Chartres Cathedral in France, you will not see the black madonna pictured here.  The statue has been painted white. I liked it the way it was for 300 years.

Black Madonna             click the link for more information about Chartres Cathedral in France.                                                                                                      


  1. your poem strikes chords within me barbara, your link from the black madonna to dark matter ....they tell us there is far more dark matter than light ... and the sphere of years is tantalising ... thanks for this! christine

    1. The child holds a sphere that could be the self. When the figures are cloaked this cannot be seen. Thanks for your comment.