Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Wilderness Within: a poem by Barbara Spring: Circuits


Light from a star that died
shines out
from jade green eyes.
A salmon tail fans streambed stones
and dark silt swirls.

Millennia ago a star spurt fire and
now a constellation of eggs
and white milt spiral down
in black water.

Fishbone lattices litter the stream
that speaks of glaciers
and purls.
Frost flowers bloom on the cut bank
while embryos curl in sweet cold sleep below.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Moon Flowers and Mist by Barbara Spring


White mist rises from the harbor—
farther upstream it slides
between the reeds
around the islands.

The river sings today
as it runs through our town
on its way to the sweetwater seas
on its way to the Gulf of St. Lawrence
on its way to the wild dark Atlantic.

From the bridge I can see
October’s first frost dissipate
in Sunday morning sun light.

Prickly seed pods of moon flowers burst
upon sandy loam.
Cloudy milt and coral eggs
cling to stream bed stones.

Glory surrounds us like water—
we sense it and see it.
                                                                               We feel its hot and cold
                                                                            its colors its sounds
                                                                                as the river sings its songs of salmon
                                                                              as it runs to the sea and rises sunward.

                                                                              With locators sure as salmon
                                                                     we will return.

                                                                                 excerpted from my book, The Wilderness Within

                                                               water color by Barbara Spring

Friday, July 3, 2015

Dawn Dragons

Dawn dragons fly over
town, dunes, lake
to swallow the swollen moon
that baroque pearl rolled
down to shimmering brink of sky.

In cool pursuit
hordes of Tao Dragons stride
glide quicksilver golden
just roused from the China Sea
to eat the teasing moon.

__Barbara Spring

excerpted from The Wilderness Within

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Unity in Infinity

Unity in Infinity

All unique spins--
spins to unity
wrapped in deepest mystery
our deep blue globe
wreathed in white clouds
rolling through black space.

Each unique planet
spinning through space
for a time holds a place
in the cosmos:
each blazing sun
each star being born
and each that dies
part and parcel of infinity.

excerpted from Sophia's Lost and Found: Poems of Above and Below
By Barbara Spring

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fresh: a poem about new life

watercolor by Barbara Spring


A newborn spotted fawn
stands near beech roots in the dawn
two pink ears glow in the sun
two dark eyes shine bright
fresh new life begun.

Gold aster radiant as the sun
Spinning life dancing—
Sweet singing life surrounds us
Wet grasses of greens and golds

Two midnight black crows
perch on a tomb stone
then take flight.
Life death we walk between
The living we see and lives unseen.

                                                          --Barbara Spring 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Between Sweetwater and Sand

Summer is here with sun, rain and lapping waves.  Yesterday I laid on the sand and listened to the waves on Lake Michigan rolling in.  I felt peaceful in the sun and wind.  Today rain is on the way to nourish our grasses, trees and flowers.  The butterflies appreciate the blossoms.  While sitting outdoors yesterday I wrote this poem:

                                      Butterfly Lovely

                            Butterfly lovely around my flowers
             Buckeyes, red admirals, black swallowtails
Fan their wings then fly away--

Dragonflies breeze by
Bumblebees honey bees
Buzz In yellow poppies.
                                                    --Barbara Spring
This poem is not in my book since I just wrote it. 
 To read poems in Between Sweetwater and Sand please go to
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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sunday Walk at Rosy Mound


Sunday Walk at Rosy Mound

In the dunes I spied wildflowers—
Dutchman’s breeches small white delicate
flowers shivering in the wind
Amid frilly green leaves
Under  tall white pines.  I saw them.

A north wind blew that Sunday so
I did not climb the high dunes to the beach--
Happy to be among patches of wildflowers
along the wooded dunes.

                                                                                 --Barbara Spring